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Orlagh brings to the task immense enthusiasm, energy, intelligence and goodwill, providing both reassurance and a host of fresh ideas. Through her contacts, she provided a vast service and I was very impressed with her consultancy and manpower which created a high-end look to our Falcon 900 ex. Our clients now enjoy a high-end inflight service due to her help. Thanks so much again, Orlagh.

Samuel González

Director of Flight Operations



I would like to say thank you to Ms. Emilia for this excellent online course of in-flight service. I got a very interesting, one-to-one informative coaching and full of excellent knowledge. Special thank you for Emilia!! The knowledge gained in this course will be indispensable in my profession and in my career growth. I am happy to work with Ladybird Consultancy that cares about its students so much.


Flight Attendant


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Jack Dorsey

Information Designer